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Rainy season…
October 11, 2014, 1:26 pm
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It has been a while since my last post…Life here in the jungle has been very rich and FULL!!
This is the first time I have actually been here for October…last year I was in Alberta with a new Grandson!
The year before that we were on the road, driving from Calgary to Ojochal.
The years before that I was still doing the summers in Alberta..arriving in Ojochal late October…

I love the rains…the storms are so beautiful..the strength of Mother Nature is incredible…today, Oct 11, is one of the only rainy mornings we have had, so I have the time to write this…

It is a steady drizzle…the temperature is 23.7 degrees C …still pretty warm! I am climatized, so am wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt.

Most day we have had sunny mornings and the rains begin, anywhere between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. It will rain for awhile, stop and rain a few hours later…we never get a “full on socked in” rainy day.

The yard and the plants have grown and it all looks so beautiful! To think 2 years ago, when we arrived here after our drive from Canada…it was all MUD! And to think that we have planted all the plants, moved all the dirt, did almost all the manual work ourselves…it is so rewarding!! Bill and I often pat ourselves on the back for a job well done!

A couple of months ago we lost 2 of our laying hens, so we added 3 new “Black chicks” to the mix…I love having the red and black of the hens around the yard, eating bugs…cleaning up things, as well as fertilizing as they go! And the amazing fresh eggs are the bonus!! Yesterday I picked my first green beans, and the peanuts are almost ready to dig, Papayas are plentiful for our morning smoothie, Bananas – wow have those grown..some of the plants are over 30 feet tall! We have 3 huge bunches growing right now. It takes about 3 months for them to mature from when the flower first emerges… The second planting of Yucca is growing well, along with the Comote – sweet potatoes. Tomatoes have proved to be a challenge…I am not having good luck with them here…either the iguanas or bugs eat them, or they get a fungus…I am stubborn and keep on trying…

We now have a small feria / Farmers Market in Ojochal on Saturdays! It is fun to go, visit with our neighbours, eat sweet treats to raise money for our local volunteer library..Sharon’s pickles, jams and jellys are always amazing, Lois’s salts, fermented foods and goodies are the best, and then we have Uwe and all his smoked goodies…cheeses, meats and breads; Desiree with all her plants, seeds, sharing her wisdom of growing things. There are locals selling delicious Rice and ??? what ever they have for the week, homemade jewellery, indigenous masks and crafts….etc! It is going to become a great feria in time!

Lately we have been helping out a local family – a single mom with 4 children, who lives in the village and needed some help. We got together and people took her food, dishes, bedding, our local plumber Randy went over and fixed her grey water so that it did not drain out into the back yard, bad wiring was repaired, And we had a fund raiser last week to buy bunk beds for the kids, a kitchen cupboard, fans, etc. Folks have generously donated mattresses to go on the beds. When we took the first batch of donations to the family…it was better than Christmas…these children had only ever received gifts before at the community Christmas party! They hugged the pillows, the glasses, and dishes as if they were the most precious things ever…such a heart warming sight!

This is the first family we are helping in our area …there are more and we will help them one at a time, giving them a fish, and then helping them to fish! Giving them a ‘leg UP”!

I have begun working part time with the new, local Century 21 real estate office and their sister business “Ballena Homes” …helping them with their marketing and general business setup. The guys are a joy to work with, so much experience in Costa Rica and in sales. I am loving the challenge! Go to if you want to check them out!

In January there is going to be a great event at the finca / acreage….I am going to marry the amazing man who has been by my side in this journey, and holds my heart ever so dearly! We have invited our closest friends and family from Canada to come and share this special event with us…and about 100 “jungle neighbours”. The event will be held at our home…and will the best event the area has seen!! We have a local live band who have generously donated their music, local folks helping with the food, our Irish neighbour who has a renowned butcher shop in Ireland helping us with the meat, etc. It truly is a community event!

So, off to have a second cup of amazing Costa Rican coffee with milk I buy from the neighbour, and watch the rains for a bit, Chickens need fed, chores around the acreage are ongoing and constant! The life I love!


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Very god post … I am impressed!! 😊


Comment by Diana

Beautiful writing. Enjoying your story. We have been building a home here for a year. Near El Castillo Arenal Volcano. Have also been writing a blog. Trying to write and photograph every week or 10 days. Have done pretty good to that schedule for the last 10 months. This is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people, amazing birds and wildlife and weather beyond description.

Comment by John HUENINK

Awesome to here about the place I love to be one day. Best to you two now and in January, may your journey together be wonderful. Cheers, Joe PS from northern BC now in Oregonand soon wet season here also but cool 😦

Comment by Joe

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